Specialty Flavours

Looking for something different and exciting for your taste buds? 

We’re always inventing new flavours – all made fresh, in small batches, and from quality ingredients. We have three Specialty Flavour Collections that offer exciting and delicious blends sure to satisfy every snacking need. Our Specialty Flavours are available at markets, pop-up shops, and specialty locations throughout the year. Each month one of our Specialty Flavours is also featured  in our Subscription Box and at retail locations where Klondike Kettle Corn is sold throughout the territory.


Cultured Collection

The Culture Collection pairs our popcorn with infused artisan olive oils from Cultured Fine Cheese, a local shop on Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon. All of the oil infusions are natural and plant-based with no chemicals or artificial ingredients to interfere with the rich flavours. The result is a series of savoury and sweet flavours that are sure to keep your taste buds happy.

Look for our Cultured Collection at the Cultured Fine Cheese store in Whitehorse, Yukon

A fresh tangy flavour from a drizzle of rich dill-infused extra-virgin olive oil will keep you going – and your hand reaching for more popcorn – on your next adventure.

Our dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn drizzled in blood orange infused extra virgin olive oil offers a favourite flavour combination in this decadent treat.

Buttery goodness drizzled over our signature mushroom popcorn. Delicious, wholesome snacking that is good for everyone to eat! Made with extra-virgin olive oil that’s full of flavour and free of dairy for the best of both worlds.

Our classic white cheddar popcorn tossed with fresh-cut chives and garlic- infused olive oil will satisfy your savoury snacking whims.

Hot chile and cool tart lime blended to bring a blast of spicy tangy flavour reminiscent of summertime barbecues.

A drizzle of truffle oil and a sprinkle of fragrant ground peppercorn turn our fresh-made popcorn into an unforgettable flavoured snack.

Cinnamon sugar creates a warm spiced sweetness that really pops.

Zesty lime-infused extra virgin olive oil and cracked black pepper combine for a gourmet treat for your tastebuds.

Holiday Collection

Bring the holiday cheer into your snacking with our Seasonal and Christmas Collections. From White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice to Chocolate Mint Candy Cane Crunch, we bring you all of the best holiday flavours. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet snack for yourself or stocking stuffers for the snack lovers in your life, we’ve got you covered with our Seasonal and Christmas Collections.

Our Holiday Collection will be at local Christmas markets such as Spruce Bog and the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, at pop up shops throughout the year, or at the summer Fireweed Community Market.

Fall into autumn with our fresh-made popcorn wrapped in velvety white chocolate and a warming sweet spiced blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.

Pamper yourself with the perfect party mix for any sweets lover. We’ve taken our classic kettle corn, coated it in white chocolate, and tossed it with pretzels, m&m’s and sprinkles.

A deliciously classic holiday flavour with decadent rich chocolate and crunchy bite-sized pieces of candy cane.

A crisp candy crunch caramel corn enhanced with a sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salts.

A simple, wholesome and healthy snack, enjoy our popcorn lightly flavoured with just a bit of sea salt.

Bright, refreshing, and sweet, Pink Lemonade transforms summertime into a tasty tangy snack.

Fuel your next adventure with the perfect blend of salty and sweet. We’ve taken our original kettle corn and powered it up with chocolate, pretzels, dried blueberries, and cranberries.

You’ll fall head over heels in love for this indulgent blend of rich dark chocolate and crunchy cinnamon hearts that’s sure to light your senses on fire.

Discover a chocoholic’s delight with our classic kettle corn drizzled in white chocolate and tossed with pretzels, m&m’s, sprinkles, and mini eggs.

Loaded with warm gingerbread spice and drizzled with creamy white chocolate, this festive take on our kettle corn is the tastiest way to welcome winter.

Yukon Collection

Experience a taste of Yukon with locally sourced ingredients brought together in a delicious snack. Our Yukon Collection offers foodies and snack lovers a series of unique flavours that combine our classic popcorn recipe with ingredients from other local Yukon businesses. With the Yukon Collection, you’ll find a tasty treat that’s perfect for eating now and for bringing a bit of the North back home.

Look for our Yukon Collection at local Christmas markets such as Spruce Bog and the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, at pop up shops throughout the year or at the summer Fireweed Community Market.

A light caramel corn made with Yukon Raw Honey and garnished with delicate Fireweed Flowers.

A true taste of Yukon, this rich syrup from northern forests lends depth and a uniquely robust sweetness to this caramel corn.

Velvety white chocolate spiced with cinnamon, cloves, Yukon low-bush cranberries and a hint of star anise create a light and flavourful snack to indulge your sweet tooth.

The lemony citrus notes of freshly harvested spruce tips blended with the tangy fresh hints of dill are reminiscent of springtime in the north and late night bonfires.

this caramel corn is made with real maple syrup and dusted with smoked sea salts and maple sugar.

Homemade caramel corn drizzled in Yukon Chocolate Company’s locally made dark chocolate.

Ready to treat your tastebuds and satisfy your cravings with Klondike Kettle Corn?

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