Essential Flavours

The Essential Flavours Collection is a selection of five classic flavours available year round and guaranteed to please every kind of snack craving.


Sweet & Salty

Yukon’s favourite snack, our Original flavour is a sweet and salty kettle corn that’s dangerously addictive.

Buffalo Blue Cheese

A zesty buffalo kick and bold blue cheese flavour blend together for your spicy snacking pleasure.

White Cheddar

Real white cheddar turns our fresh-made popcorn into a cheese lover’s snacking dream.

Simply Salted

Our signature mushroom popcorn kernels sprinkled with sea salt. A simple, wholesome, ready made snack or dress it up with your favourite popcorn seasoning!

Movie Night

Enjoy the best part of going out to the movies on your couch. Drizzled with infused olive oil for the rich buttery taste of theatre style popcorn at home ~ Dairy free!

Salted Caramel

A crisp candy crunch and a pinch of sea salt puts a tasty new twist on our homemade caramel corn.

Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

Our original sweet and salty kettle corn, drizzled with dark chocolate and Maldon sea salt, is a must try for every chocoholic.

Dill Pickle

A fresh tangy flavour from a drizzle of rich dill-infused extra-virgin olive oil will keep you going – and your hand reaching for more popcorn – on your next adventure.

Caramel & Cheddar

Caramel corn and rich cheddar cheese combine to bring you the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

In addition to our Essential Flavours Collection, we have lines of specialty flavours, and we’re always coming up with new tasty combinations to keep your snacking exciting and delicious.

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